UnderstAnding risks

Investing in markets can expose companies to diverse and complex risks. By understanding and managing such risks companies can protect the bottom line, enhance reputation and provide competitive advantage. 

Lurante Consultancy provides tailored advisory services helping clients to manage these risks arising from the political, social, operational and security environments in the markets in which they are looking to invest in. Even before the acquisition stage, we can help with strategic decisions about entering new markets, whilst for existing projects, we are alert to the circumstances that can adversely affect operations.

Mitigating risks

Expanding investments abroad comes with a unique set of risk factors, most of which fall outside the domain of your domiciled market coverage. That’s why you need risk consultancy services with in-depth experience navigating international risk issues. Lurante Consultancy, being one of the few companies which engages local contract analysts, maximizes the use of resources and experience to guide your investments through the complexities of risks mitigation, from insuring operational risks (asset and liability hazards) to designing political risk mitigation strategies (government intervention and nationalization).


International businesses confront a range of investment risks that can can affect profitability at every turn. Effective country risk management requires sensitivity to the sovereign, political, economic, financial, technical, environmental, developmental, and socio-cultural risks that international businesses encounter in all cross-border transactions. We provide:

  • Investment Due Diligence Consultancy, which includes historical market analysis and regulatory environment analysis
  • Country Risk Analysis, which includes geo-political risks, macroeconomic risks and security risks
  • Political Risk Insurance, which includes consultancy and monitoring services